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Update on the Flood Lights

We must apologise for the delay in getting the new floodlights installed. The immediate problem is that we are trying to see if it is possible to install LED lights as they are much cheaper to run and with much less maintenance. Nobody in SA or Europe has installed them as far as we can find out. This presents a problem and an opportunity. The problem is we are wary of being the guinea pig and the opportunity in that the suppliers need a working example. We are waiting for sample lights to arrive from JHB for us to test them.

After a great deal of cajoling they are now at last supposed to be here next week after which your committee can try them out and hopefully decide whether it worth considering them in place of the standard system.

The default option is obviously what has been tried and tested elsewhere.

We are however very mindful of the inconvenience to all who play under lights and want the new lights installed as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards

Neil Kisch


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